Kameria Baby Face Whitening BB Cream

BB cream revisited. Glad I did.

I do not have a good impression of BB creams. I started using them even before I used mineral makeup but was sorely disappointed as they gave me breakouts instead of the healing properties they promised. However, after a year of mineral makeup, I started to miss the smooth finishing that BB creams gave. Furthermore, my skin took a turn for the worse after an extremely stressful period of exams and EDM’s MMU is no longer sufficient to cover my breakouts.

So while shopping at Watson last week, I bought a tester size of Kameria Baby Face BB Cream on impusle. Kameria Baby Face comes in a pink packaging for moisture and a blue packaging for whitening. The one I bought and reviewing now is the blue one. Firstly, I must say that I am VERY satisfied with this product. I layer it with ZA’s pressed powder and this combination kept my face oil free for the entire day and does not oxidise like my MMU. My face looks soft and just as fresh as when I put it on in the morning.


A little sticky but still blendable. I dot my face and use my fingers to blend. It is not too thick such that you look like you have a layer of cement over your face like some BB creams. This might be due to its slightly sheer coverage but it gives a very natural look.


Kameria is good in all aspect except its colour. Let me say the good things first. Firstly, I like that its shade is darker than most BB creams. It is definitely darker than Coogi Flowertox or Skinfood’s aloe vera. Both of them are too fair for me. Now the bad point. Kameria has a slight pink undertone which doesn’t match my medium yellow skintone. Even though the pink gives me an extremely healthy glow, I find it very troublesome to have to apply a sufficient amount on my neck as well to solve this problem of my face being a different colour from the rest of my body.


As stated before, coverage is not as good as Coogi or Skinfood but it is sufficient for me. With the use of a concealer, it is able to cover my dark eye circles and smoothen my pores. It is also able to reduce redness and also cover my fading acne scars. One thing I really like about Kameria is that it evens out my skintone and my face really looks young, smooth and fresh without appearing cakey or thick. It gives a very natural finish with a radiant and healthy glow. However,Kameria might not be able to do the job if you are looking for a BB cream to cover your pimples or dark acne scars.

 Oil control:

I have not tried it solely on its own as I always layer ZA’s pressed powder over it. This combination gave me oil free skin for the entire day. I stay in an air-conditioned office for about 8h every weekday. The dry air usually made me secrete more sebum but after switching to Kameria BBcream,  my face is oil free. I only need to lightly blot once after lunchtime. ZA’s pressed powder has very good oil control properties but my face was more oily than when I use ZA with my MMU. From this I conclude that Kameria BB cream has better oil control than my MMU.

Other properties:

Kameria promised to whiten and keep wrinkles at bay. It also has a patented herbal complex that cares for your skin. I have been using this for a week and it does not break me out. Finally I found a BB cream that  really heals! My skin looks much healthier and softer. It also whitened but this might be due to Skincology ellagic acid which I’m also using. I do not really have any wrinkles so I do not know if it really works. Overall, This is a great product and I can’t wait to try the pick packaging which has moisturising properties instead of whitening like the blue one.


4 thoughts on “Kameria Baby Face Whitening BB Cream

  1. There’s a green one too for pore-tightening and acne control! It’s pretty good too. My skin’s combination-sensitive and it didn’t break me out and lasted all day 😀 would love to see a review of the pink one if you decide to get it!

  2. Sorry I meant…the other one. The start of your post says you are reviewing the pink one but the picture shown is blue and your last paragraph says you’re trying the blue and can’t wait to try the pink one next >.<

  3. I’ve been using Made from Earth’s Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy for my 8 month old baby girl since she’s born. The smell is a bit strong, but it absorbs quickly so it doesn’t bother her that much. It’s absolutely no.1 for baby and I strongly recommend it.

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